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Super Premium & Superfood Berry Duo

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Super Premium Ceremonial & Superfood Berry Matcha Duo

Try our 2 most popular matcha blends bundled together at a limited time price: 

    Blends With Benefits:

    Super Premium Ceremonial Matcha

    Not all matcha is created equal. As true matcha fanatics, we made it our mission to find the absolute purest, highest-grade, most flavorful, fresh, and vibrant matcha in existence... and we did. 

    Meet Mantra Matcha: The Best Matcha On Earth.

    Mantra Matcha’s Super Premium Ceremonial Matcha is carefully harvested and sourced directly from a non-commercialized, private hillside farm located near Uji, Japan. It is then brought to you, farm-to-cup.

    This isn't your typical run-of-the-mill, mass-produced, processed, culinary, low-grade matcha disguised as Ceremonial. Our matcha is stone-ground to maintain its smoothness, integrity, and nutritional profile. This is Super Premium Ceremonial Matcha at its finest.

    Benefits of Super Premium Ceremonial Matcha

    • Steady energy without the crash
    • Improves mood & calms anxiety
    • Increases focus & concentration
    • Boosts metabolism & burns calories
    • Restores the feeling of well-being
    • Aids in digestion, bloating, & inflammation
    Quality is everything when it comes to matcha and ours is unmatched.

    Ingredient List

    • Organic Super Premium Ceremonial Matcha
    • No Nonsense

    Superfood Berry Matcha

      An eclectic mix of superfood berries collide with fresh, vibrant matcha to quench the thirstiest of thirsts. This light, refreshing flavor is nothing short of invigorating. Made with blueberries, strawberries, goji berries, maqui berries, acai berries, raspberries, blackberries, and a hint of acerola cherry, there’s no denying the superfood punch this blend is packing. Sip to revive and come alive.

      Ingredient List

      • Organic Super Premium Ceremonial Matcha
      • Organic Goji Berry Powder
      • Organic Acai Berry Powder
      • Organic Maqui Berry Powder
      • Organic Blueberry Powder
      • Organic Blackberry Powder
      • Organic Strawberry Powder
      • Organic Raspberry Powder
      • Organic Acerola Cherry Powder
      • No Nonsense

      Superfood Berry Blend Benefits

      • Restores Energy Levels
      • Promotes Physical & Mental Well-Being
      • Anti-Aging & Skin Benefits
      • Packed With Vitamins & Minerals
      • Overflowing With Superfoods
      • Hydrating, Replenishing, & Reviving

      Combined Net Wt 4.3oz (123g), 90 servings, Caffeine ranges from 27-31mg/serving

      Non-GMO, No Artificial Ingredients, No Sweeteners.
      Organic, Plant-Based, & Delicious!

      Customer Reviews

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      Everything I have tried has been amazing. Will definitely purchase again.

      Superfoods galore!

      The level of superfoods included in this duo is through the roof! Superfoods for a super you

      Pleasantly Surprised

      After seeing Mantra Matcha on Good Morning America, I placed my first order about 3 weeks ago. I've never had matcha before this and was so surprised at how good I felt. I will literally never drink coffee again.

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