Mantra Matcha: The Best Matcha On Earth

Peace Out, Negative Energy.

Mantra Matcha is a unique specialty line of small-batch, Super Premium Ceremonial Matcha infused with flavorful, nutritionally-dense ingredients and superfoods.

Organic. No artificial flavors. No added sugar.

Just genuinely healthy, great tasting, unique matcha blends.

Blends With Benefits.

Why Is Mantra Matcha The Best Matcha On Earth?

Not all matcha is created equal. As true matcha fanatics, we made it our mission to find the absolute purest, highest-grade, most flavorful, fresh, and vibrant matcha in existence... and we did.

Mantra Matcha’s Ceremonial Matcha is carefully harvested and sourced directly from a non-commercialized, private hillside farm located near Uji, Japan. It is then brought to you, farm-to-cup.

This isn't your typical run-of-the-mill, mass-produced, processed, culinary, low-grade matcha disguised as Ceremonial. Our matcha is stone-ground to maintain its smoothness, integrity, and nutritional profile. This is Super Premium Matcha at its finest.

Quality is everything when it comes to matcha and ours is unmatched.

All Mantra Matcha blends are carefully small-batch crafted using a limited number of organic, non-GMO, clean ingredients beaming with health benefits.

The use of unnecessary, harmful, misleading, or masked ingredients is strictly prohibited from our entire product line. No Nonsense. Super Premium. Real Good.

Hello, Positive Energy.

Peace & Love,
The Mantra Matcha Family

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