Ginger Beet Matcha Hummus

Ginger Beet Matcha Hummus

Cook Time
Preparation time: 5 minutes
Cooking time: 5 minutes
Total time: 10 minutes

Serving Size

Humus is known to be the ultimate antioxidant and protein dip! And the best thing about it is it takes literally 5 minutes to make. A perfect treat with vegetable sticks, hummus is loved by everyone. But not many experiments with it to give it a new flavor and kick. To provide a unique flavor and perspective to the regular hummus, we have introduced a fantastic and healthy new ingredient to make delicious matcha humus. The matcha humus doesn’t just have a deep rich taste of green tea but is also jam-packed with beneficial nutrients that will be your new favorite snack dip! Fall in love with the emerald color and earthy smooth and creamy taste of matcha humus.

• 2 cups chickpeas, cooked
• 2 tbsp tahini
• 2 ½ tbsp warm water
• 1 garlic clove
• Juice of a lemon
• A pinch salt
• A pinch cumin powder
• 2 tbsp olive oil, extra virgin
• 1 tsp Mantra Matcha: Ginger Beet Matcha
Matcha Oil:
• 3 tbsp olive oil
• ¼ tsp Mantra Matcha: Ginger Beet Matcha
• A pinch salt

Step 1: In a food processor bowl, add chickpeas and process them until they get a fine texture.
Step 2: Add garlic, tahini, water, lemon juice, salt, cumin matcha powder and olive oil and process for a minute or two until you get a fine paste.
Step 3: In a bowl, mix olive oil, matcha powder and salt.
Step 4: Scoop out the hummus in a bowl and drizzle matcha oil on top.


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